Wish Litter
The Wish Litter

Born June 23, 2010
6 Black Males & 4 Black Females

The TLC WISH Litter whelped 06/23/10 in Gasport, NY:

2 days old - Navy, Green, Country Blue, Red & Lavender

Basket Full of Wishes

Am Can BIS Ch Motch Fisher Creek A Star is Born Am UD WC HIT, "Roman" (2005 - 2016)
Can CH TLC's Hearts Dezire, "Emma" (2007 - 2018)

Am Can BIS Ch Motch Fisher Creek A Star is Born Am UD WC HIT, "Roman"

Can CH TLC's Hearts Dezire, "Emma"

Wish Litter Pedigree

Ribbon color by birth order:

HUDSON a/k/a Purple Boy
Hudson is a darling and we adore him. Hudson graduated from puppy training classes. Future plans are to have him certified so we can take him to visit Hospice patients. He is just such a wonderful dog and is growing like a weed. Buzz and I both are having such a great time with him. We love his willingness and he has such a great, happy personality. He has though already taken over my husbands leather chair and the chaise lounge. Hudson is in heaven when the grandchildren visit.
The Moore's in Grand Junction, CO
TLC's Wishes Brought Us "Hudson"

In Loving Memory, 06/23/10 - 12/22/14, at the Rainbow Bridge.

OLIVIA a/k/a/ Pink Girl
Ollie is always eager to learn, so smart and like a sponge. She has quickly and effortlessly learned how to ….Retrieve, Sit, Shake, Come, Stay, Down, Walking on leash Heeling, and she demands to be given more training. She is lovable, energetic, funny, caring, loyal and thinks she is a lap dog. She loves the outdoors. Ollie has the most beautiful shiny, soft, silky coat. Her gait is outstanding while moving with such pride and character. She is really something to watch! SHE HAS CAPTURED OUR HEARTS!
TLC's Birthday Wish Come True "Ollie" (OH)

NELLIE NOIRE a/k/a Lavender Girl
Nellie is their 1st dog and they are smittened by her. Nellie is a speedster; the fastest on in her dog park. Helice writes: "She's such a well-behaved easy-going, easily-trainable dog...what a God-sent."
The Bernstein's in Chicago, IL
TLC's Wish I May Wish I Might "Nellie Noire"

JAKE a/k/a Navy Blue Boy
Jake is just one happy camper. He loves his sister Molly (Golden Retriever), loves to play, go for walks. We are planning obedience classes soon. I am doing very good at teaching him the basic commands, he walk on my left pretty good too.....but when we meet other dogs or other people on the sidewalk......wow they are all his friends.....so a little beginner's class with other dogs and other people will be good for him. 2017 update . . . In Loving Memory

TLC's "Jake" Wishes You Well
Jose'e Ryan, Quebec, Canada

In Loving Memory, 06/23/10 - 2/17/17, at the Rainbow Bridge.

ZACK a/k/a Kelly Green Boy
"Zack is such a joy to our family! We all just love him to bits". Along with a new Mom and Dad, 2 devoted teens, ponies and his new buddy dog Beau, he is very fortunate that Laurie often takes him to work with her. His owners vet provides special care for his prior injured leg/foot, which is reported to show some improvements. As shown, Zack loves to play in the snow.

TLC'S Wish Upon A Shooting Star - "Zack"
co-owners: Laurie Danaher & Susan Van Buren (NY)

SOPHIE a/k/a Yellow Girl
Who'd have thought that when I won the puppy pool that I would have one of those babies, but a twist of fate brought "Sophie" into our lives. It has been a very rough year, losing our home and 6 dogs to a fire but as we rebuild our lives we see great promise in our "Sweet Sophie". She has begun training in obedience and will soon begin showing in conformation shows also. We are looking forward to having fun in rally, obedience, agility and field training, maybe even dock diving! We have big plans for Sophie but most of all we just love her! She loves to retrieve tennis balls, snuggle and give kisses.
Ch. TLC'S "Sophie" Starlite-Starbrite Wish
co-owners: Patty Johnstone (NJ) & Susan Van Buren (NY)
“Farewell Sweet & Loving Girl.” 06/10 - 11/17, at the Rainbow Bridge.

BUDDY a/k/a Orange Boy
I am happy to report that Buddy is very healthy and happy.
William Mederios, RI

FIA a/k/a Red Girl
Fia is doing well, curious as ever. Fia was a good student during puppy school. Off & come continue to be works in progress). She really pushes buttons when it comes to family meal time and she continues to try and find a place at the family dinner table or try’s to help Nancy or I prepare dinner {;-) She loves to be out with me while shoveling she enjoys playing in the snow. No matter the season she is getting out for walks and supervised play time with her favorite girlfriend. Fia also has the funny habit of greeting me at the door in the evening, putting her head between my knees and wanting me to massage her back end.
TLC's Make A Wish "Fia". Charlie & Nancy Frey (NY)

PARKER a/k/a Burgundy Boy
Parker is fantastic. He is 46 lbs and still growing!!! He likes to give momentos. . . while on business he slipped a toy into Jane's suitcase!!! Parker ringing in the New Year after a great hike.
TLC Wishbone "Parker". Camellia & Cameron Parsa (NJ)

KEEPER a/k/a Country Blue Boy
Keeper continues to surprise us with his antics and his funny little voice as well as his big dog stay away bark. Amazing they come out of the same dog! He loves to leap on the recliner and tip it backwards to get closer to me if I'm standing nearby. He also likes to stand at the dog landing window with his paws on the top of the window. He beats on the glass when I get home in the morning. He is a wonderful addition to our family and such a love.

TLC Wishes Jenn's "Keeper". Jennifer & Wilmont Adams (NY)
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