This litter’s theme was inspired from the then new hit TV show “Survivor”!

Gasport, New York

Sire: CH Blazin’s Back O’ The Moon ("Cosmo"), UD, JH, AX, WCX, HOF
(1995 - 2006)
Dam: Am/Can CH Blacfriar TLC Classic "Ashley", JH, Am/Can WC
(1997 - 2004)

5 Males & 5 Females

I am most grateful to Cosmo’s co-owner, Melody Daniels for Cosmo’s and Ashley’s successful breeding. Ashley and Cosmo made a great combination. Many treasured relationships are due to this breeding.

“Whoever said you can’t buy love has never owned a puppy.”

“Survivor Litter”
By Birth Order & Ribbon Color:

Reggie: Died 06/07/2006 and left her loving family, having lived the good life in NYC. Reggie frequented Central Park along with their beach home. Hence her registered name, TLC’s Just Beachy Reggie, at the Rainbow Bridge. Owners: Scott and Sarah Marden

Sierra: Lovingly missed. Owner, Sally Shumaker and family of NC. TLC Starlight On Sea-Air accidentally died 6/04/2001. The next litter, the Starlight litter theme is in remembrance of “Sierra”, at the Rainbow Bridge. Sally wrote: "Sierra was our first flat coat and she remains a very special dog in our memories -- she had a unique, inquisitive, bright and fun personality -- an extraordinary girl with a much too short life -- from a special litter."

Rudy:, owner, Sue Van Buren. Embracing the memories of my once-in-a-lifetime boy. Rudy easily completed his CH at 14 mos. old with 3 Majors. CH TLC’s Double Rainbow Rudy was 18.5 mos. old when his life was suddenly taken on 04/05/2002 in a fatal accident . . . My Boy! At the Rainbow Bridge.

Chance: Much loved by owner Judy Riedel, Chance easily finished his Ch at 13 mos. with 3 majors and was specialed (nationally ranked in 2002!). Chance lives in CT with Judy and his sister Jesse (Golden Retriever) and FC rescue dog, Chowder. Judy writes: "Party hats will be on for Chance's 9th Birthday!! How extremely appreciative that I have him after so many losses of his littermates. Chance has been with me through some Great and Wonderful times, and also through the loss of my husband Steve, and my battle with breast cancer. When Steve passed away, Chance was there by my side to lick my tears away and on days when he knew I was feeling a little better, he would go into his little antics to watch me smile. He let me sleep and stayed close by my side during my chemo and radiation, and he loved me. What more can we ask of anyone. Chance is my once in a lifetime, whom I have had the fun, pleasure and love to share. He was my first show dog of which I am so proud of his many accomplishments, my first agility dog even though I still have no idea what I am doing and my best friend along with our girl Jesse. Although he loathed the obedience ring, he made me proud of him. He still sleeps right next to me every night, and keeps my tears away and keeps me smiling. He makes me laugh at myself and life. I love my little man with all of my heart. My dear wonderful Chance, Happy Birthday and with many prayers for many more. God Bless you Chance for your kind soul and healing heart. Judy Riedel wrote: “Chance died peacefully Tuesday, June 1st in his home with his small family... I know how fortunate I was to have him for almost 16 years, but it still hurts deeply as his eternal flame will always remain in my heart...Chance, I will love you forever and am missing you like crazy." CH TLC Carry The Torch Chance CD RA CGC. Rainbow Bridge.

Jake: passed away 11/8/09. His 9 years flew by; there are never enough years when it comes time to say farewell. . . AKA / "Green Boy "Jake" TLC’s Fire Spirit CGC - may you have pheasants forever! Jake lived in PA with his family and enjoyed hunting. Summer 2009, Dawn wrote: Jake is doing very well and living the life. My father-in-law always calls him “Gentleman Jake”, he says that Jake is the friendliest dog he has ever met. He tells everyone that and how Jake just loves everybody and when you pet him, you made a friend for life! Jake still loves his birds and when he just finds a feather he thinks he’s found gold. He will get all excited and starts “talking” up a storm and the starts prancing around showing it off. It’s so funny to watch. Co-owned by Dawn Mannerino Hull and Susan E. Van Buren. Thanks to Dawn for regularly sending updated pictures of her handsome boy. TLC’s Fire Spirit CGC (Jake). Rainbow Bridge.

Drummer: A Texas boy that proved his agility talents by earning 42 agility titles (and 5 obedience/rally titles)! Drummer was quite a crowd pleaser when running an agility course. He got lots of compliments on his good looks too. He was his Ma-Ma’s Pride & Joy! Congratulations to this awesome team: owner Georgette Palinkas and TLC's Survivor-Special Delivery CDX RE MX MXJ EAC S-EJC O-EGC O-WV-E O-TN-E TG-E RS-E JS-E-OP GS-E HP-N CGC TT FFX-AP FFX-AG(2) FFX-OG (AKC Obed. HIT, 1 QQ, 346 MACH points NADAC 1000 point Lifetime Points Award NADAC Elite Versatility Award!) On 04/03/2009, Drummer finished his journey in this world. A grieving friend, who admired but actually never met Drummer, created this photo, superimposing Drummer’s “soul” on to the image of the Orion Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope … because that’s where Drummer is; a new bright star in the sky. Rainbow Bridge

China: At 6 months old China was the last pup to be placed and later came back to live with owner, Sue Van Buren. At 4 years old China had her first litter of 11 puppies, "The Peace Litter". Lovely China died 16 months later on 03/04/2006. Rest in Peace, Sweet Girl!. CH TLC Agape’s Treasure Chest NA NAJ CGC (1 CD Leg) OFA Excellent. Rainbow Bridge.

Chico: He became part of a large family in VA getting lots of attention, and died in 2006. Owner: Jackie Collmus. At the Rainbow Bridge.

Reggae: This versatile girl displayed diverse titles: CH SR TLC Shalyn Rhythm O' The Island CDX RA JH AX OAJ NAP WC CGC VFCR1. Owner Sherri Lilly of VA loved her favorite girl also known as the “Princess”. Reggae was the first TLC protégé to have a litter. Her “Country Music Litter” produced lovely 4 pups. It was a thrill to see Reggae with her 2 daughters Shayla and Lily take 2nd place in the Brood Bitch Class in the 2005 FCRSA Specialty. Just like Grandma Ashley did with her daughters, China & Reggae at the 2003 Specialty! Reggae also earned the Irondog Award at the ’05 Specialty! Sherri wrote following the loss of Reggae on 09/01/2009, "Reggae was a very special dog and one of a kind . . . I have been in Labs for 25 years and she was my first flatcoat, thanks to Melody and Sue. She was not your typical high strung flatcoat, but she had drive and a desire to please in whatever I asked. She was very easy to live with and she took me to great wins in all venues that I had never experienced. She always woo woo'd and announced to everyone when she had arrived at the club or at a show. She was quite the talker. I could go on with so many wonderful memories she gave me. I know I fought for her to the end and we shared a special love. I will miss her so much (as does my 12 year old Lab, Danser who was her best buddy) but have her four daughters and her two grandaughter nearby which display so many characteristics of her." OFA Excellent More

Rainbow Bridge.

Tigger: Tigger passed 09/13/2007. This happy girl loved life! Tigger had a rough start in life with an underdeveloped hip (ball). Owner, Alison Dickinson of TLC Survivor Immunity Challenge (Tigger), lovingly cared for Tigger through her sooner than expected operation. The successful operation left Tigger with a limp but no pain! Tigger loved to romp in their NY country land and enjoyed swimming in her pond. Tigger brought much love and joy to both Alison and Jerry (whom she had wrapped around her little toe)! Tigger also kept busy with her little sister (a niece) Josie, from China’s Peace Litter. Good-Bye Sweet Special Wonderful Tigger. At the Rainbow Bridge.