This litter’s theme is in remembrance of “Sierra” TLC Starlight On Sea-Air!

The Starlight Litter, Born: 2/01/2002
Gasport, New York

Sire: CH Blazin’s Back O’ The Moon ("Cosmo"), UD, JH, AX, WCX, HOF (1995 - 2006)
Dam: Am/Can CH Blacfriar TLC Classic "Ashley", JH, Am/Can WC (1997 - 2004)

6 Males & 2 Females

Once upon a cold starry night the Starlight litter was born. 8 little pups arrived during an Ice Storm, which bent my willow trees to the ground. As the hours progressed the branches snapped under the heavy weight of the ice. The next day my power went out as I was delivering my Labrador retriever litter (the Ice Litter) with flashlights. I was without electricity for a few more days thereafter.

The Starlight litter was from a repeat breeding with Ashley to Cosmo, since I liked my first litter so well. As like before, I had wonderful puppy buyers for this litter.

Star light, star bight, first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might . . .

You made my dreams come true that night!

Wishing your lives to be brightly filled with LOVE and much happiness!

“Starlight Litter”

Ribbon color by birth order:

Sir Finnegan or Finn: TLC’s Starlite’s Bright Knight. Owner Katherine Bergeron, ME watched Finnegan grow on the web site and shared her excitement with her students. She is most pleased with him and his development as a therapy dog. 9th Birthday update: "We are now living in Sacramento CA. Finn has adjusted well to his new home, and loves to fetch in the rivers here. He's such a good boy, and somehow finds kids to help at the park as well as at work. Last week we fetched a little girl's flip flop as it was floating away. For the rest of the afternoon, I could hear the kids talking to each other as they pointed at him -- 'that's the dog that can get stuff for you so you don't get in trouble!' Finn also loves to eat greens and veggies and is known to help himself to the garden." Happy 10th birthday! Kate writes: "Finnegan is still doing well. When he meets someone new, they're always surprised to hear his age. Last year he grew grey on the chin - this year he completed the goatee. He moves a bit slower in the AM now, and has a true appreciation for soft pillows and couches. Like the wise old man he is, Finn knows to save energy for fun - and when he has the opportunity to play - he still goes all out like a pup. Everyone we know loves Finn, but he has a special bond with children. He's a gentle, sensitive, smart, happy dog. He's also a vigilant protector - pizza delivery men always have a certain 'ready to run' look in their eye once they ring the bell. With all the tricks he's learned, we've never been able to unteach that instinct to guard the people he loves. Finnegan is a blessing." In Loving Memory, 02/01/02 - 04/08/12, at the Rainbow Bridge, Kate writes, "With great sadness we said goodbye to Finn on Easter Day, surrounded by a lot of the people who loved him. We did our best to give him an Irish sendoff. He spent his day being celebrated while we talked about our favorite Finnegan memories and the things we found most special about him. The kids and I did a map of his adventures. All together, he went to 26 states and 2 countries. He swam in both oceans, hiked in Acadia, Yosemite, Tahoe, Sedona and throughout the White Mountains. He stood on the rim of the grand canyon. He stuck his head out the window while we crossed the Golden Gate bridge. He loved watermelon, steamed kale and jelly belly beans. He loved to sing and asked for "FOOOOD" by name. He smiled a lot. Finn exuded a magnetic kindness and made friends wherever he went. People would cross the street just to meet him, and children who were afraid of dogs would stun their parents by walking right up to him to get a kiss. He was a once in a lifetime dog, and a tremendous friend. I was blessed to have him in my life. Thank you for making all of that possible." Kate Bergeron in CA

Canuck: After a trip to Niagara Falls and Canada the Fehey’s of CT decided to call their boy Canuck. TLC’s “Canuck”, in loving memory 2/1/2002 - 1/17/11, at the Rainbow Bridge. "He was the best dog ever and we are so thankful to have had him in our lives."

Shadow: The Millers of PA, formerly of MD, visited another Flat Coat breeder and then traveled to NY for their sweet boy Shadow. Shadow lived with an active family that loved him. Bob shared that his family moved to PA in '05 and that Shadow loved the PA mountains and outdoor activities of his family. Shadow would enjoy sitting on the deck scanning the woods. He was a gentle soul and missed by his family. TLC Starlight "Shadow". In Loving Memory, 02/01/02 - 12/03/12, at the Rainbow Bridge

Maximus or Max: TLC Maximus Starlight Supler. Maximus had a rough start adjusting to his crate but Melissa Supler of OH persevered! 9th Birthday update: "Maximus is still the love of my life and the best decision I ever made! He is my constant companion and just as active and loving as when I got him. Thank you again for giving me my baby boy, he has seen me through some rough times that I could not have endured without him." On his 10th Birthday, Melissa writes: "I just wanted to tell you that Max is 10 and still going strong and is the love of his mom's life and yes very spoiled! His cousins (the human ones) from age 2- 11 gave him lots of love for his birthday and cake too!! Max just had some minor surgery to remove a skin growth on his neck and is doing well for 2 days post surgical. Our vet believes it is a benign growth and said it was well delineated when he removed it and the lymph nodes and blood tests were great so far. We are awaiting the final pathology report but feel confident as he has not displayed any signs of being ill. Vet just wanted to be cautious and knows Max's mom is a bit "neurotic" when it comes to her boy!! Attached is a picture of max this fall before the flowers in our yard that he loves to dig up were hit with cold weather. Thanks again for my "baby" and Happy Birthday to his siblings!!" In December of 2012, Melissa shared that Max peacefully passed in her arms with the assistance of her Vet. With tears and sorrow Melissa stated that Max is still the love of her life. She knows having a flatcoat in her life is needed and Melissa is now on the puppy list for one of Emma's pups due 01/31/13 (Acadia FlatCoated Retrievers). In Loving Memory, 02/01/02 - 12/14/12, at the Rainbow Bridge

Blue: CH, SR, TLC Bluemoon’s Starlite, CD SH WCX. Ed Miley of S. Wales, NY co-owns Blue with me. Besides his American Championship, Blue is pointed in Canada and the NCA. Blue lives with Ed and enjoys his group walks on Sunday with Ed’s dog friends and their dogs. Blue is well socialized and lives with cats and children too. It was wonderful to take Blue to the FCRSA National in GA to win 2nd place in Bred By Exhibitor. Coming home we attended a NC show where Blue finished his CH. Blue and I received an AKC medallion for earning all of his CH points from the Bred By Exhibitor class. Blue sired 2 litters in 2005. The Elvis theme litter in Maine produced black and liver pups! His Georgia theme litter (in Oregon) produced 8 black pups. In loving memory 2/1/2002 - 3/30/15, at the Rainbow Bridge. Kathy wrote: "Blue was an incredible, once in a lifetime dog. His intelligence, strength and athletic prowess earned him both his Junior and Senior Hunt titles. It was a pleasure to watch him working a field. Running with fluid grace. He was poetry in motion. Although stubborn during training at times, once he learned something, it was his forever. A champion in the ring as well as the field, he took his conformation title with two, back-to-back, 5 point majors. His beautiful luxurious coat and athletic structure made him a standout. Blue had personality plus with a sweet, gentle nature. A fierce competitor during play. He always had to win the prize, usually a bumper, no matter the cost. He had great heart! Blue was loved and is missed by his family who raised him Ed, Kathy and Eric; and by his breeder and co-owner Sue, who had the privilege of taking Blue to various events. Blue sired 3 litters that carried on his great traits. Blue will be Forever in our Hearts and Minds."

Crystal: TLC Starlite’s First Gleaming, CD RE MX MXJ NAP NJP NAC TN-N RL1 CGC. Proudly owned by Terry & Margaret Uminisky of Levittown, NY. Crystal lives with two other FC’s that are busy with competitions. Crystal has turned into an elegant young lady. A diligent worker, Crystal absorbs everything you teach her--approaching everything she does with such zest! Our highlights have to be her placements in the Novice A obedience and the American Bred classes at the National Specialty in 2005. We got to share that with many members of our TLC family. Attaining her CD in January 2006, her very first title, was also a very, very special day for us! We look forward to continuing working towards her CH (she has points) and CDX and starting with agility this winter/spring. Always our special girl." 9th Birthday update: "Crystal-my soulmate, my heart dog, my roo-roo baby. Always eager to please, she has never failed me. From helping do the laundry, helping me cook, or snuggling next to me—she is always absorbing and learning, even at 9 years old. She loves retrieving bumpers (but not dirty birds!) & loves agility. I wish we had started agility earlier in her life, who knows what we would have accomplished! Sporting a bit of gray, she sometimes still looks & acts like a puppy. I cherish every moment we've had and will have together. Thanks Sue for sharing her with us." For Crystal's 13th birthday in 2015, Margaret wrote, "Crystal celebrates 13 years in grand style, with a hamburger, hotdog and ice cream cone, all stuffed. Sure love my ole Gal. Happy birthday to my grand girlie. Love you with all my heart." 2016 update from Margaret . . . "What do you say about a dog that blessed you with 14 1/2 years of living? I don't really know. This house is not the same without the "queen" in it. She always let her presence be known since the first moment she stepped into this house (poor Bailey, then Logan!). She was our 2nd Flat-coat, but the first dog we ever put an AKC title on. She was so easy to teach and always wanted to please her mama. Maybe sometimes I asked too much, but she rarely let me down. We learned agility together and she sailed thru the early titles and eventually went on to attain what I called a Mini-MACH (7 QQ and 120 Pts). The last four years of her life she supported Logan and Lylah in their endeavors (then Dazzle and Field Spaniel Tripper). Always being the supportive Matriarch. :-). Crystal still played with bumpers and did some weaving and low jumping, pretty much up until she died. Always happy, always roo-rooing, always with a toy in her mouth, always being momma's girl. I can't tell you how blessed Terry and I felt having had her with us all that time and her death has left a huge hole in our hearts. Thank you for all the cherished memories ....... Love you always, my Cryssie girl." In Loving Memory, 02/01/02 - 07/20/16, at the Rainbow Bridge
Crystal' Litter Page

Jewel: TLC’s Starlit Superior “Jewel”, CD OA CGC. Jewel is the light of Tom Sprague’s eye. A MI girl that gets lots of hunting in with Tom. This agility team is lov’n it! For Jewel's 10th Birthday, Glenna writes: "Sorry I didn't get these to you before her 10th B-day. I'm in Texas for the winter and Tom & Jewel are in MI. Her vision is deteriorating but she still plays and is silly as ever. She does not like changes in her life.. she use to go with our son to his place but no longer likes to leave home... so he pups sits at our house if we are both away." Jewel's 13th birthday update from Tom: "Jewel is always happy and still get silly at times. She still takes every step I take, just a little slower than she used to. As you can see, her favorite place to lay is on the picnic table. She is and always has been a great friend and companion. I thank you for allowing the two of us to get together 13 years ago. She is a great one." In loving memory 2/1/2002 - 1/3/16, at the Rainbow Bridge. Tom writes, "On January 3, 2016 I lost my sweet girl and best friend Jewel (Ashley X Cosmo repeat). She was born February 1, 2002. I made the drive from the U.P. of Michigan to Sue's house in New York to pick her up and she made every step I made for almost 14 years. We would go outside and she would watch to see which direction I was going to go and it was like she knew what I was going to do. She had been slowing down and could not hear and couldn't see very well but was always ready to go. If I came out of the basement with a gun she would beat me to the truck. I remember every bird she ever retrieved. She loved being in the field. She loved everybody and everything and absolutely adored our son. She was just silly and goofy when he would come home. I had taken her to Texas so she wouldn't have to deal with the snow. I can't explain the loss I feel and how much I miss her. In my eyes there were none better.

Cody: CH TLC Starlight of the Rockies, RA JH WC CGC “Cody”. Cody is a handsome boy that enjoys hunting with his human Dad and brother. Cody lives with his canine sister Riley. Owned by Nancy Brown of CT; she and daughter Amanda came to pick up Cody from NY. Nancy started off having others show Cody, but later did it herself. She put his CH on him and showed him at the 2003 PA National where we all got our very first TLC Family Photo—what Fun! 9th Birthday update: "Mr. Cody is thriving at his ripe old age ... happy and healthy and still with lots of spirit! I walked him and Riley a couple of weeks ago - off leash - and suddenly they took off over a hill. When I called to them, a voice said "they are playing with my Golden Retrievers". So I went up to them and there was a melee of gold and black - a 7 yr. old girl and a 7 month old puppy. Riley and the girl were having a bitchy face-off --- meanwhile Cody was romping with the puppy like he was one also. When I told the woman that he was almost 9 she was astounded ... we are certainly keeping it a secret from him that he is aging :-) I know this can all change in a heartbeat - and we cherish every day with him. I keep him slim and active --- still feeding raw and we walk 2-3 miles every day and chase a few tennis balls too. He rarely meets a dog he doesn't want to be instant friends with ... people too! But I do have to keep him away from UPS trucks/drivers and bikers :-) We dabble in obedience classes - mostly for some one-on-one time which he loves. But he is not a competition guy any more. And that nosework is fun too. Here is a good Cody story ..... Last summer I was out of town visiting girlfriends. I called Jim one night and he was out of breath and distraught. House painters had left the back gate open and the dogs had escaped ... he was frantic - mostly because he could not have something happen to "my" dogs on his watch!!! They had just come home right before I called. A couple weeks later we learned from a neighbor that Cody had strayed to their house - a cocktail party was in progress. They let him in the house ... can you imagine??? Anyway -- he was his usual social self - everyone was smitten - and very impressed that he did not touch any of the hors d'oeuvres on the coffee table. Life of the party ...." Nancy writes as Cody is on the mend from pneumonia: "He is still coughing a bit and would like to run around more than I am letting him. Hoping this will pass and he will be chasing balls and bumpers again soon. I hope so - because it has taken this long for him to become the perfect dog and I want him to stick around for a long time! :-)) A highlight of the year was that Cody achieved his Nosework 1 title ... a first for both of us :-)" Here is a photo of Cody taken just a week before the big 10th birthday! In 2013, Nancy wrote, "With the heaviest of hearts, I want to let you know that I said good-bye to Cody this afternoon. I had taken him to the Veterinary Hospital at CSU in Fort Collins for a diagnostic procedure - a bronchoscopy to try to get to the bottom of the chronic pneumonia he had for almost a year! It was a short procedure which he endured well - but in recovery he went into cardiac arrest and they could not revive him. I am trying to take solace in the fact that he will not linger and waste away any further ... that I will not have to decide when it would be his time ... to picture him with strong legs and bright eyes retrieving ducks in green meadows and warm ponds in dogs heaven. But I am so very sad .... and wonder how can a house with 2 big black dogs seem so empty? Less than 2 weeks ago, I took all 3 dogs to an open space area and Cody had such a remarkably good day that I took this photo." In Loving Memory, 02/01/02 - 3/26/13, at the Rainbow Bridge