TLC Rainbow Litter
The TLC "Rainbow" Litter

Born June 18, 2003
Gasport, New York

The Rainbow theme was in memory of Sue’s “CH TLC’s Double Rainbow “Rudy” (Survivor Litter).

CH Longleaf Cind’rbin Grand Idea CDX, JH, OA, AXJ, WCX, CGC, TT-67-FCR “Keeper”
(AKC # SN554170/01, 6/13/98 - 5/29/05, OFA: Good, Petellas: Normal, EyeCerf: Clear, 1998 - 2005) )
AM/CAN CH Blacfriar Classic “Ashley” JH, AM/CAN WC
(AKC # SN435664/06, OFA: Good, EyeCerf: Clear, 1997 - 2004)

(9 Black Puppies / 6 males & 3 females)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Bluebirds Fly . . .

Conceived with the hopes of lovely pups, this litter of “9” proved to be very nice, indeed.

Their parents: Ashley being laid back with correct body structure along with Keeper’s higher activity level, handsome head and fuller muzzle provided a complementary blend!

They had a bit of a rough start when attached by a swamp hornets. However, after a quick dose of an antihistamine and a good sleep all pups survived! !

Ribbon color by birth order:

VINI: - TLC’s “Vini” Mist O’ Dbl Rainbow / Sue Van Buren, NY: Vini is a wonderful loving boy. He is very attached to me and is constantly nearby. He has so much energy that it seems as though an electric current runs through him. He can be a bit rough at times with his insistent pawing. Vini is a lot of fun and loves our new field training adventures. Vini is an active dog and willing to please.

At 7 years old Vini still has lots of energy. He's a "paws on" boy, to get his message across to me. He loves attention and is totaly devoted to me. Vini loves the warm weather because he lives near a conservation park w/ a pond, and you know what that means. . .swimming.

Lovingly Remembered 06/18/03 - 10/30/12, at the Rainbow Bridge.
"Until we meet again My Boy . . . go in peace, go in love and know that I'll love you forever."

GEM: TLC’s Superior Rainbow Keeper “Gem” CD, TDI / June Conway, Annette Gifford & S. Van Buren, NY “Gem loves life and lives everyday to the fullest!” She has a loveable personality though mischievous at times. She loves everyone and everything. Gem is a hit every time she meets someone and has a big smile for them. Gem is dearly loved and trained for competitions by Annette and June. Gem crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 5/16/09.

THEO: TLC’s Rainbow Magic “Theo”/ Vince O’ Brien, NY Theo went home to be Vince’s companion and running buddy. Vince patiently waited until Theo was grown before long distant running. Theo had the most beautiful headpiece as a pup and was an overall very nice boy. Theo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 7/24/12 at the age of 9 years. Thank You Theo for your love and devotion to Vince and all that knew you. Rest in Peace Dear Boy!

SHADOW: TLC’s Lonestar Rainbow “Shadow”/ Samatha Robinson, TX Shadow was the smallest pup of this litter. She was as cute as a button! She was a little Champ and could hold her ground with attitude galore! She was the delight of her teenage owner, Sam. Shadow shared her heart and soul with her loving family. One of Shadow’s favorite fun times include running in the field to her “hearts content”. May Shadow run in the fields beyond the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again! In Loving Memory 6/18/03 - 10/27/06

TLC’s Rainbow Master “Hudson”/ Isle Biederman, NY Hudson brought comfort to the Bierderman’s ailing son and was able to share boat rides on the river together. However grief would strike this family in the loss of their son and soon thereafter Isle. I’m sure Hudson has been of comfort to Isle’s husband, Konrad.

07/24/13-NY: TLC's Rainbow Master "Hudson" - Rainbow Litter- (Keeper X Ashley). 06/18/13 - 07/24/13 ( 10+ yrs.)
Konrad Biedermann reported that Hudson was put to sleep due to cancer. Hudson was a faithful companion to Konrad and his late wife and late son. Hudson is greatly missed, at the Rainbow Bridge.

FAGAN: TLC’s Double Rainbow Keepsake “Fagan”/ Kimberly Hendrick, PA & S. Van Buren Fagan was a lovely pup. Kimberly was winning in the showring with Fagan. However, Fagan broke her foreleg that required surgery. Fagan learned to enjoy swimming while on the mend. Her activity level has not been affected as Kimberly shares; “Fagan is just a maniac in the snow. She could go and go until she drops.”

TLC’s Cinderbin Rainbo Keeper “Chase” sold to Sally Siezer, CT This Orange pup was the biggest pup in the litter and resembled his father.

SIMON: TLC’s Bershire’s Rainbow “Simon”/Beth & Kayla O’Connor, MA Simon shares his life with a family of 5 humans and a Golden Retriever. Simon is Kayla’s boy and enjoys his active life with his teenage confidant!
On Feb. 17, 2013, Beth wrote: "Simon passed yesterday afternoon. He had an abdominal bleed from the cancer and there was nothing we or the vet could do. He passed peacefully with Kayla and I with him. I want to thank you for such a wonderful dog. He was a blessing everyday and a family member that will be greatly missed." Prayers for Simon, In Loving Memory 6/18/03 - 2/16/13.

TLC’s Pennow’s Rainbow “Cosmo”/ Nancy & Dale Pennow, NY Inspired by Melody Daniel’s boy; Nancy decided on the name of “Cosmo” for her little burgundy boy. He was a bit mouthy at first but Dale and Nancy worked through it and he is a wonderful lovable boy that they treasure! In loving memory of Cosmo at the Rainbow Bridge, 2/17/10.