Friends Litter
The Litter

Born May 22, 2004
4 Black Males & 4 Black Females

This litter’s theme transpired in part due to the ending of the TV series Friends. And in part due to this breeding's coordination with Sue’s good friends: Ann Haller, owner of the sire “Runner”, and Shamron Anderson who graciously supplied the

This litter was Runner’s first litter and Ashley’s last litter.


AM/CAN CH Moonrise Running Back Stay CGC "Runner"
~ 6/10/00- 5/11/07 ~
Runner Now Lives on Through his Kids and Grandkids!

AM/CAN CH Blacfriar Classic “Ashley” JH, AM/CAN WC
~ 4/20/97 - 11/13/04 ~
Loved and Honored, Her Legacy Lives On!

Friends Litter Pedigree

The Friends littermates are now grown and have lovely dispositions that are versatile as conformation, agility, obedience, sailing and companion dogs. However, it is with much regret to report that Baby Emma died less than 3-months-old from an Ebstein’s anomaly (congestive heart failure).

Ribbon color by birth order:

MOLLY: - Canadian CH TLC Mi Amiga “Molly” / Patrick Hotung, NY & Susan Van Buren, NY: Molly is a sweet girl that is of moderate size. Molly loves her busy human family of 5. Molly also enjoys visiting Sue for dog shows and special times. Molly is quite the food hound and will eat most anything. Molly is very agile; at a young age she managed to climb the ladder to the family fort with slide. It is not any wonder that Molly loves agility class the best of all. Molly recently had a lovely litter of 3 pups and was an excellent Mother!

Molly crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 7/20/12. She was co-owned and loved by the Hotung family in Amherst NY and myself. Molly was 8 years old and leaves a legacy of two small litters; The Dezire and the Precious Stones litters. Lucy from her last litter lives with the Hotungs. Molly was energetic and loved food. She was a smart dog and knew how to climb ladders and enjoyed the family pool. Molly was a wonderful mother. She gave love and was loved, and is now dearly missed. Canadian CH TLC Mi Amiga "Molly" - Farewell Sweet Molly, you will be remembered fondly. You were a one-of-a-kind! Memories of your antics make us smile while missing you with a heavy heart. Thank You for all that you were to so many!

GATSBY: TLC’s “Gatsby” / Leathem Stern, CO: To Gatsby's owner Leathem and his associates, Gatsby is considered a "most handsome Flat Coat". Gatsby is a busy boy - traveling along with Leathem on land and sea adventures :-). Yes, he is quite the sailor! He took his first runnning dive off the pier at a very young 8 weeks old. Joan, Leathem' associate writes, "We sure do love that boy . . . we know Gatsby is indicative of the wonderful dogs you breed – how lucky we were to have found you." Update 2014, Joan writes: "I wanted to share this picture of Gatsby at ten with you. He is quite the handsome boy who still looks and has the energy of a puppy. Gatsby has quite the life in Aspen. He hikes the mountain, explores the trails, swims whenever he sees water, loves people and gets much love back from his family, friends and the community. Everybody knows Gatsby and are as happy to see him as he is to see them. He has brought great joy to so many lives. Thanks, Sue." Update, Gatsby died on August 10, 2016. Rainbow Bridge.
GRADY: TLC’s Friendship’s Legacy “Grady” / Todd and Danielle Bush, NY: "Grady is the best dog a family could ask for. He's sweet, gentle and so lovable. He spends his time playing with his toys, playing in the backyard or teasing our cat Jake. Grady loves it when we have company and will proudly go up and down the stairs to bring a visitor each and every one of his toys! He spent some time taking agility courses for fun and really enjoyed that too.

In June 2006, we had a baby so Grady has had to adjust to a new person being in the house. He's done pretty well but has had his moments of jealousy. A few of Ebin's baby toys were destroyed but now that Ebin is getting older, Grady seems to understand he will be more fun. I'm sure when Ebin is walking, the two will be best of friends."
In Loving Memory, 05/22/04 - 08/13/14. Rainbow Bridge.

EMMA: TLC Rachel’s Baby “Emma” / JohnWagner, ME/NY: "Although Emma was only with us for 4 weeks she made a lasting impression. At the age of 12 weeks she died of complications from a congenital heart defect. During the three weeks before we knew she was so sick she learned to obey a few commands – sit, down, stay and come. We had fun taking her to the ocean, although she ran back whenever a wave came near her. She especially enjoyed running around with seaweed hanging from her mouth. During a week of blood draws, ultrasounds and electrocardiograms her tail never stopped wagging and everyone commented on how good she was. We still miss her and wonder what she would be like today."
Sleep well, and play at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Baby Emma.
BEASLEY: TLC’s Mr. “Beasley” / Gary Toth, PA: Green boy was the last puppy to find a home. Green Boy went to live in a loving home in PA with Gary, Ann Haller's friend.
EDDIE: Am/Can. CH. TLC’s Sir “Edward” of Friendship, CGC / Anna Moeller, NY & Susan Van Buren, NY: Eddie is full of energy, he loves to run and play with his 3 canine sisters, and he also loves to swim. Eddie has been started in obedience, field training and agility which he loves. Eddie is a very sweet boy and loves people. His favorite person is Anna; she states that, “he always wants to make me happy”. For Eddie's 8th birthday update, Anna writes: "After Eddie finished his Am/Can Championship, he retired from showing. He spends his days playing with the other two dogs I have and going hiking and swimming. I own a grooming salon so Eddie gets to go to work with me every day."
In Loving Memory, 05/22/04 - 07/02/14, at the Rainbow Bridge. Anna writes, "He was such an amazing dog and he is still very much missed."
TLC’s "Rylie" My Best Friend /Anne A. Evans & William Evans, NY: Rylie is a sweet, loving dog.
She loves people and wants to be friends with other dogs she meets.
She loves to be praised and wants very much to please.
Although, she is very tempted by food on counters or tables.
She is not demanding, or assertive.
She is gentle & kind.
She loves to be petted and wants to stay close by following and sitting next to you.
Some of her favorite things are:
Going for walks
Playing with Susie (our dachshund)
Going for car rides
Sleeping on the couch (with a pillow)
Sitting or standing on the couch and looking at people in the neighborhood.
Going upstairs and jumping in Julia's bed until Julia gets up.
Playing with her toys and taking them outside into the backyard.

TLC's "Rylie" My Best Friend passed away on November 21, 2011 after her 1 1/2 year battle with lymphoma and 3 rounds of chemo. Dearly loved and greatly missed by all that knew her; especially her loving family, William, Anne and Julia Evans. Rainbow Bridge

TLC’s My Cup O’ Jo “Josie” / Alison Dickinson, NY: Josie was the smallest pup and had difficulty nursing. She gained weight when she was able to eat gruel. Earlier vet visits revealed no clear answer. However, when older and having the litter vet check it was noted that an attached piece of skin in her throat was the culprit. The Dickinson’s opted to wait and see if surgery was needed, which has not yet been necessary. Josie lives with big sister Tigger and little sis Flyn and has done some agility training.
In Loving Memory, 05/22/04 - 06/23/15, Josie lived to age 11 and is now at the Rainbow Bridge, much loved and missed.

Alison writes: "Oh, our Josie! Funny, silly girl that she was. When we first saw her, she fit in Jerry's one hand and grew to be the tallest flatcoat of our bunch. The only dog I've ever heard use a human word. When she was quite young, she had an upset tummy, so I gave her some medicine on a spoon. Good girl, she opened her mouth and I tipped it in. She blinked and a tiny bit dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. She looked at me full in the face and said, very clearly: 'Gack'. Josie was a sucker for a cat. She was the tenderest girl with the three orphaned kittens we raised a few years ago and last winter talked us into bringing a stray into the house, walking back and forth from the cat to our front door. (But he's little and cold! We need him inside!) With people, Josie was a quiet mixer. Wherever we went, she would gravely go from person to person, greeting each in turn, always with a single tag of her tail and a gentle lift of her muzzle. Towards the end of her life she became a general favorite at the vet's, going from staff person to staff person, all of whom would call her by name. She never cared for the rough and tumble of dog society, preferring to go her own way. Josie took Agility seriously, but got sort of obsessive about certain elements. For instance, the dog walk just NEEDED to be done from both directions, no matter how much enthusiasm I tried to carry to the next step, I would find Josie had turned around and was walking the other way, cheeks sucked in in concentration as she once again walked the 'high bar'. Josie always felt that whatever she was doing, it required her whole attention, sometimes to the detriment of her response to 'come here'. On our walks around the our property with Jerry and the other girls, I would call her and she wouldn't even raise her head from the Interesting Thing she was checking out. I would stamp my foot (really) and call again, with ever greater emphasis on HERE! Finally, I would start her way and her lovely head would come up and her eyes would focus on my approaching wrath. There would be this instant moment of 'Oh sh*t, she's mad' realization in her demeanor. (If you have seen the VIDEO of her, that look is captured in the photo where she is standing with her nose covered in snow. Jerry must have snapped the picture as I was climbing up to get her. We laugh every time we see it.) She would then dance away around me and merrily run to Jerry. From there she would give me a wide-eyed innocent look. When Tigger died, I thought Josie would step forward as Alpha Girl for Flyn. But Josie never wanted the job and we had to wait for Flyn to grow up (with an additional dog, Hope, with us) for her to become Leader. She was the least food-driven dog I've ever had. You could give her a treat, have it gobbled down and the next time she was offered it (or the next after that) and she would turn her head away. 'I don't eat that stuff.' We would re-offer it: 'Sure you do! You were begging for it yesterday!' And it was as though you had offered the Queen dirt: 'I am POSITIVE I have NEVER, EVER eaten that and am politely offended you would even imagine I ever did...' We would laugh at her 'little girl' bark. Boy howdy, most of our flatties sounded like Big Guns when they woofed. Josie had this rather high pitched 'wroow, wroow, wroow' sound she would make if she was roused. She would finally graduate to a bark, though never the deep-chested alarm all the others have had. When you called her to you and hugged her, she would lean heartfully into you and I think would have stood forever in your arms. When you laughed and called her, she would come with a funny head wag, just a bit from side to side... 'Aww, shucks...' You always felt a bit of a detachment with Josie - as if she lived in a little dreamy world. That said, you never doubted she loved you as she breathed a sigh and pressed against you, warm and safe with her own folk."