Canadian Champion TLC's Hearts Dezire “Emma”

Whelped from the Dezire Litter / March 2, 2007 (Douglass X Molly)
Co-owned by John & Donna Wagner and Susan Van Buren, NY (2007 - 2018)

Emma crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 12, 2018 after being diagnosed with a fastmoving cancer a month before.
We all miss her sunny personality and unbridled enthusiasm for life which she passed on to many of her pups.
She is now running free and chasing tennis balls with Katie & Tara.

Emma's "Wish" Litter Born 6/23/2010

Emma AKA Pink Girl with her 2 siblings.

4 Weeks old

Temperament Testing Day!

Dearly missed, Sharon Hershberger puppy temperament tester.

Conformation Evaluation

John, Emma & Donna Wagner; new Co-owners.

Water Baby

Donna showing Emma in her 1st Puppy Match.

Emma with her Mom Molly

2/16 & 17, 2008, Buffalo, NY: TLC's Heart's Dezire "Emma" (Douglass X Molly [Runner X Ashley]), co-owned by John & Donna Wagner and Sue Van Buren, handled by Donna Wagner, awarded 1st place both days in the 9-12 month class.

On Sat Emma was cheered on by family and friends as she took BOW and BOS - with a 4 point major over a special! It was precious seeing Donna's amazed and shocked face; which had a smile that couldn't be erased for hours :-)

Emma being groomed by the Wagners for a Canadian show.

Pretty girl.

Emma 3 yrs. old

Emma almost 8 yrs. old, Feb. 2015