Am/Can. CH. TLC's Sir Edward of Friendship, CGC

Whelped from the Friends Litter / May 22, 2004 (Runner X Ashley)


Eddie and Anna

Co-Owners: Anna Moeller and Sue Van Buren

Eddie is a handsome, loving boy. Eddie lives with Anna Moeller in Lockport, NY.
Eddie’s AM/CAN Championships were both earned by co-owner handler, Anna.
Anna and Eddie together learned conformation, Jr. handling, obedience, field and agility.

Eddie 2 years old at the 2006 MO Specialty

Sue whelped Ashley’s last litter, the FRIENDS Litter born 05/22/04.
Eddie was Burgundy ribbon colored boy in the front in above picture.

A litter of 8 pups; 4 males and 4 females.
Of the 8 pups born, 2 are presently breeding prospects: Eddie and his sister Molly.

Eddie 2 years old at the 2006 MO Specialty - Jr. Handler Award Placement

Eddie 4 years old

Eddie loves to run and play on his family’s farm while living with horses, dogs and cats.
Eddie also loves to swim.

Eddie is Very Sweet and loves people, especially Anna!
Anna reports, “he always wants to make me happy.”

June Conway with Gem; Sue Van Buren with Molly and Vini; Anna with Eddie;
Donna Wagner with Tara; Katie Zielen-Ersing with Rose.

Eddie seem to embody his litter’s theme; making friendships of Anna and Sue, including Ann Haller,
owner of Eddie’s father, and Shamron Anderson, owner of Eddie’s paternal Great Grandmother.
Not to mention the many friendships made with TLC family members through various competitions (including international).

Nancy Brown with Cody; Sue Van Buren with Suede and Vini; Anna Moeller with Tara and Eddie;
Renee’ Decker with ‘Scilla; Judy Riedel with Chance. 2006 MO Specialty