TLC Brandt's Lustrous Cobalt "Coby"

(Pointed, awaiting clearances)

Whelped from the Precious Stones Litter / May 3, 2009 (Cutter X Molly)
Co-owned by Herb Reiher and Susan Van Buren

Molly whelped early and was assisted by Co-Owners Pat and Lisa Hotung. Coby, Burgundy boy was a handsome pup and grew up to be the "pick of the litter". He went to live with the Reiher family in CT.

Herb Reiher, sons and friend with Coby.
"Coby is our third flatcoat. Our previous flatcoats either were pet quality (Comet) or came to us as a finished Champion (Buffett). Thankfully, Sue and Lisa had just had their "precious stones" litter on the heels of losing our beloved Buffett . . . and we were fortunate to get our little boy!"

Herb chose Coby's name, "TLC's Brandt's Lustrous Cobalt," after George Brandt, the chemist who discovered the element Cobalt around 1735.

Certainly there is no question that flatcoats' coats are lustrous, and Coby is no exception! (Shiny coat as pup and 1 yr. old)

First point in Bainbridge, NY at 14 mos. old. Coby is the first flatcoat that I have had shown. We found a nearby handler, Lori Mowery to show Coby; Lori is great with Coby.

Coby as a pup was simply irresistible . . . (above) Taking over Dad's chair; (below left) Not a happy camper; (below right) Frog legs.

Coby is a goofball, he loves to bring large pine branches into the house as trophies.

Coby shares the house with our 11 year-old pitbull mix, Hunter, and they are the best of buddies. Once Coby finishes his championship and has his clearances we hope to continue his line and perhaps keep one of his pups to become his next best buddy!